b'Figure 2. GE fuel rodlet for ATF-2B insertion.Accomplishments: Upon receipt of the rodlets at INL, A total of 16 fuel rodlets were fabricatedadditional inspections were performed by GNF, 12 of which are slated forto verify rodlet integrity after shipping. installation in the ATF-2B test train,A helium leak check demonstrated the scheduled to be inserted in ATR cyclerodlets hermeticity, and radiography 168B. This fabrication and assemblyverified that no rodlet internals had effort represents the culminationbecome damaged or dislodged.of a significant amount of work byThroughout the effort INL, GE, and GNF, General Electric Global ResearchGNF personnel collaborated closely (GERC), and INL personnel. The rodletsin order to execute the assembly and were received at INL in March of 2019,qualification of the test rodlets. The after several months of work by allcollaborative efforts proved extremely parties involved in the effort. successful and will result in the insertion GE/GNF established a test matrix ofof 12 rodlets in ATR Cycle 166B, rodlets to add to the ATF-2 test train,currently scheduled for Fall 2019.and subsequent iterations on the designAdditional samples beyond those ensured the rodlets would be suitable forplanned for ATR insertion were fabrication, assembly, irradiation testing,assembled as part of the same campaign, and postirradiation examination (PIE).intended to serve as spares in the event The fuel rodlet design was constraineda rodlet was damaged during shipping. by a variety of factors. The design hadGiven no rodlets were damaged in to be compatible with the overall ATF-2transit, these additional samples may be test train design and also compatibleused for future fuel safety research in with fabrication and assemblyTransient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT) techniques. Potential impacts of theas part of the ATF-3 campaign, or for design on irradiation performance wereout-of-pile testing.considered, as was design impacts to rodlet handling and PIE. Additionally, the design and assembly of the rodlets had to allow for their inspection and qualification for insertion into ATR.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 99'