b'Figure 1. Temperature history of the 1200C oxidation test with coated Zircaloy-2 cladding sample for CP-ECR = 17%.Accomplishments: and test conditions satisfy the NRC The main activities in FY19 included:requirements for the PQD study. HTO (1) PQD testing with coated andtests of coated and uncoated Zircaloy-2 uncoated cladding samples at 1000cladding samples were performed and 1200C, and (2) HTO study withwith the same furnace used for the coated and uncoated coupons at 800,benchmark testing of Zircaloy 4 1000, and 1200C. described above (100% steam flowing Two-sided benchmark oxidation ofthrough a quartz tube at steam flow standard Zircaloy 4 cladding tube= 5.5 mg/cm2/s). Figure 1 shows samples was performed with a tubea temperature history of the 1200C furnace to evaluate the oxidationoxidation test with a coated cladding system and test conditions bysample for CP-ECR = 17%. The ramp comparing the weight gain and oxiderate was about 20C/s from the 200C layer thickness to the CP-predictedto1000C and a few degrees per values.The measured sample weightsecond thereafter.The average cooling gain is in excellent agreement withrate from the hold temperature to the CP-predicted values at 1200C,the 800C quench temperature isindicating the oxidation system10C/s. The oxygen pickup of coated samples was much lower than uncoated 76 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'