b'Neutron Tomography of Irradiated Fuel PinsPrincipal Investigator: Aaron Craft, INLTeam Members/ Collaborators: William Chuirazzi, Josh Kane, Nik Cordes, Nick Boulton and the NRAD Team (INL)This work representsN eutron radiography isdisrupted sample. Irradiated samples typically performed to assessare traditionally visualized using 2D the worlds first digitalthe two-dimensional (2D)neutron tomography with film-neutron tomography ofinternal geometric condition ofbased methods. However, a digital irradiated nuclear fuel. irradiated nuclear fuels. This projectcamera-based neutron radiography performed three-dimensional (3D)system was recently developed in the neutron computed tomographyNorth Radiography Station at NRAD. (nCT) using a recently developedNeutron computed tomography digital camera-based neutronis accomplished by taking a series imaging system located at Idahoof 2D radiographs of a sample for National Laboratory (INLs) Neutronmultiple projection angles, then Radiography Reactor (NRAD) Northmathematically reconstructing these Radiography Station. Capsulesprojections into a 3D tomogram. containing accident tolerant fuelThis project performed nCT for two (ATF) rodlets underwent transientpost-transient ATF rodlet samples testing and were then broughtinside SETH capsules. The resulting to NRAD for nCT. A set of digital3D rendering provides literally an neutron radiographs were acquiredadditional dimension of informa-of two different capsules, Separatetion to assess the condition of a Effects Test Holder (SETH)-Dsample and reveals features that and SETH-E, which were thenwere not previously accessible mathematically reconstructed intousing 2D radiography. Additionally, 3D tomograms that reveal internalthe 3D tomographic reconstruc-features of the capsules that were nottion lends itself more readily to visible in 2D radiographs. The resultsextracting quantitative information of this work represent the worldsabout samples including density first digital neutron tomography ofvariations, dimensional inspection irradiated nuclear fuels. of features, crack and other defect Project Description:detection, and quantification of Transient testing of advanced fuelsrelocated and melted material. This campaign (AFC) fuels can result innew capability to perform digital significant disruption of the fuelneutron tomography of nuclear fuel sample inside an experiment capsule.represents a significant advancement The internal geometric conditionfrom current capabilities at INL that can provide knowledge about theclearly demonstrates INLs leader-irradiation conditions experiencedship in nuclear fuels testing and and failure mechanisms, but mustevaluation and promotes the tech-be assessed non-destructively tonical superiority of nuclear energy maintain the internal integrity of theresearch and development (R&D) in the United States.122 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'