b'Figure 1. EATF Fuel Assembly for Vogtle Unit-2.Accomplishments: for operation in Unit -2.The LTAs Framatome has continued to makefeature the Framatomes GAIA W17 substantial progress thus far infuel design with chromium-coated government fiscal year (GFY) 2019. cladding and Cr2O3-doped fuel The near-term solutions of chromiumpellets (Figure 1).Irradiation of the coated cladding and chromia-dopedfour LTAs began in the spring.UO 2fuel pellets saw significant projectDuring third quarter GFY 2019, eight achievements in 2019 in both testingEATF LTAs were built for Entergys and delivery of lead test assemblies toANO Unit 1 plant.The eight LTAs US commercial reactors.Developmenteach have two full-length chromium-of a more revolutionary ATF concept,coated fuel rods containing UO 2fuel composite cladding containing silicon(see Figure 2).An additional 16 full-carbide fiber, also continued withlength, inert, chromium-coated fuel testing activities.rods were also fabricated.These 16 In January 2019, Framatomes Hornrods have stainless steel pellets in place Rapids Road (HRR) facility in Rich- of UO 2fuel pellets and are scheduled land, WA shipped EATF LTAs to Vogtle 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 37'