b'full days from March 67, 2019, atinvestigator (PIs) or representatives. TheFigure 3. The first SiC/SiC Project the GA Headquarters in San Diego,project alignment was discussed at theInformation Exchange & Coordination California. This location was chosenend of each session that was arrangedMeeting was held in March 2019 at General Atomics in San Diego. as the place where the SiC compositeby topical area. Overall the meeting wasCoordination of the program scopes, cladding materials are designed andsuccessful in achieving the consensusresource sharing, and PI networking manufactured as the primary reason.on the alignment and complementaritywere among the main achievements at The meeting was attended by aboutamong the large number of projects andthe meeting.30 people representing 14 programs.facilitating the PI networking for the The overviews, planning, progress,immediate and future interactions. and needs for resources and access to specialized capabilities were discussed for each program by the principal 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 45'