b'Figure 3. a) Schematic of Shear Punch Test fixture for 3 mm x 0.25 mm Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) samples using a 1 mm punch. WC and SS are tungsten carbide and stainless steel, respectively. b) Image ofshear punch fixture.Accomplishments:and temperatures between 380 and The main technical objectives of the520 C. These irradiation conditions project include: i) determining theare relevant to next generation changes to mechanical propertiessodium cooled fast reactors. Shear of advanced ferritic steels (such aspunch testing was conducted at oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS)the Wing 9 hot cells at the CMR steels 14YWT and MA957) to highbuilding at LANL, Figure 1 shows dose irradiations ii) determining thethe mechanical testing setup inside changes to mechanical properties ofthe hot cell. Response was material traditional ferritic/martensitic (F/M)dependent, with the traditional steels (such as HT-9 or T-91) to highHT-9 exhibiting greater irradiation dose irradiations iii) understandinghardening than the advanced 14YWT the effect of irradiation temperatureat the irradiation temperatures below on irradiation induced hardening520 C. The even dispersion of and iv) evaluating mechanical testingoxides in the advanced ODS 14YWT techniques for small material volumes. is believed to reduce the irradiation Two main thrusts have contributedhardening in that alloy by acting as to progress toward the technicalrecombination sites for irradiation objectives listed above. First,induced vacancies and interstitials. traditional F/M steel HT-9 andAdditionally, the advanced ODS advanced ODS 14YWT that were14YWT alloy was impacted less irradiated at the BOR-60 reactorby irradiation temperature, Figure (an SFR, at the RIAR laboratory2 shows the impact of irradiation in Dimitrovgrad, Russia) weretemperature on irradiation hardening. mechanically tested using shearThese results contributed to punch. The samples were irradiatedtechnical objectives i)-iii). It was to doses ranging from 15 to 35 dpaalso shown that shear punch testing 180 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'