b'Figure 2. Temperature and fast neutron flux distributions whenFigure 3. Temperature and fast neutron flux distributions when the control blade is fully withdrawn. the control blade is halfway inserted.scale, while codes like PARCS/PATHSAccomplishments: provide results on a fuel assemblyThe coupled MPACT/CTF models in scale. It is this level of fidelity andVERA-CS were used to calculate fast the coupled feedback loop that ledneutron flux and temperature distri-to VERA-CS being chosen as the toolbutions in the single fuel assembly for this study. Models utilizing SiC/ and mini-core models under typical SiC channel boxes were developed inBWR operating conditions. Several VERA-CS of a single 10x10 BWR fuelcharacteristics of BWRs, such as assembly and of a square mini-corethe generation of vapor in the core, consisting of sixteen fuel assemblies.part-length rods, and axial regions 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 163'