b'Figure 2. ATF-1 basket cut-away.Figure 3. ATF-1 basket diagram.prototypic in the radial dimension.the experiment assembly maintains For the ATF-1 irradiation test series,the capsule assembly configuration the test rodlet generally containswithin the ATR. The current basket fuel in the form of pellets or slices,design is an aluminum three-hole holdown springs, insulator pellets,basket with additional flux wire and a gas plenum. The rodlets weremonitor channels as displayed fabricated from various claddingin Figures 3 and 4. An additional materials and fuel forms. A typicalfigure identifies the basket channel ATF-1 capsule and rodlet assemblynumbering scheme for capsule and is shown in Figure 2. The basket offlux monitor wire insertion.110 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'