b'ATF Industry Teams - FramatomeKiran Nimishakavi, FramatomeTeam Members/ Collaborators:Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Kernkraftwerk Gsgen-Dniken, Entergy Nuclear, Exelon NuclearA dense Cr-coating on a zirconium Framatomes approach is to maximize levels of safetybased cladding substrate has the by addressing both the fuel and the cladding togetherpotential for improved high tempera-through multiple, synergistic technologies for near-termture steam oxidation resistance and evolutionary and longer-term revolutionary solution. high temperature creep performance, as well as improved wear properties. Over the course of the EATF program, extensive processing and testing F ramatome is continuing signifi- activities are being carried out in cant research and developmentsupport of delivering EATF Lead Test efforts to develop accidentAssemblies (LTAs), with two sets of tolerant fuel (ATF) technologies. LTAs successfully delivered in 2019, Framatomes near term Enhancedand further in support of batch imple-Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) solu- mentation by the mid-2020s.tions are currently available to U.S.At the fuel level, chromia-doped UO 2utility customers while longer termpellets can improve the pellet wash-ATF concepts continue develop- out behavior after cladding breach ment.Both aim to provide operatingand reduce fission gas release.To date, margin and safety benefits throughthe performance of this fuel has been the ATF features. extensively studied in out-of-pile Project Description: and in-pile test programs and modi-The ultimate goal of Department offications are being implemented to Energy (DOEs) EATF program is toaccommodate chromia-doped fuel in develop an improved and more robustFramatomes fuel performance code.nuclear fuel design that will reduce orFor revolutionary (over-the-horizon) mitigate the consequences of reactorperformance improvements, accidents and improve the economicsFramatome is developing a composite reactor operations. After extensivecladding comprising a silicon carbide testing, evaluation and downselec- fiber in a silicon carbide matrix (SiCf/tion during the programs first phase,SiCm). The objective is to develop a Framatomes Phase II technicalsystem which does not suffer from approach addresses three focus areas:the same rapid oxidation kinetics (i) Chromium (Cr)-coated clad- of zirconium-based cladding while ding, (ii) Chromia-doped UO 2fuelhaving attractive operating features pellets, and (iii) Silicon carbide (SiC)such as reduced neutron absorption composite cladding. cross-section and higher mechanical strength at accident temperatures. 36 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'