b'Figure 2. a) Example of neutronThe first sample tested was the1081 radiographs in just 18 hours, photograph of SETH-D with stitchedSETH-D capsule containing an ATFrepresenting an improvement in top and bottom fields of view. b)rodlet that previously underwentproduction capacity and rate of A 3D rendering of SETH-E. c) Segmented view showing zircaloytransient testing. The first nCTimage production by a factor >100. droplets down the sides of the fueleddataset includes 360 radiographsThe resulting tomogram revealedregion in red. d) A 3D renderingin 1 increments, which took 6the broken rodlet and ballooning of showing the lower portion of a rodlethours to acquire. A longer nCT scanthe cladding. and melted cladding at the bottom of the SETH-E capsule. acquired 1081 radiographs in 18The second sample tested was the hours. Compared to the currentSETH-E capsule containing an ATF film-based method that takes a fullrodlet that experienced a higher-day to produce a single image andpower transient than SETH-D. The is limited to 14 radiographs per day,nCT scan included 1081 projections this digital imaging system produced 124 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'