b'Figure 1. Oxidation fraction, in percentage, as a function of temperature for various candidate additives for UN waterproofing applications in steam up to 1000 C. It was found that SiC, APMT, Si, and Cr exhibited the best resistance to steam corrosion.Accomplishments: Steam oxidation testing was The goal of the steam oxidationperformed on samples with known experiments was to determine themasses in temperatures ranging oxidation resistance of the candidatebetween 200 and 1000 C using a additive materials for compositingsteam furnace coupled with ther-with UN, while the goal of themogravimetric analysis at the Fuels chemical compatibility testing wasResearch Laboratory (FRL) at Los to evaluate chemical interactionsAlamos National Laboratory (LANL). between UN and the candidate addi- Samples were heated in argon gas tive materials. maintained at oxygen levels below 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 55'