b'part from recycled spent oxide fuels.within target temperature ranges All the IRT specimens are non-annularwhile accommodating emergent slugs, sodium bonded to the cladding,plans for lobe power increases to and contain a significant fraction ofsupport other fuels programs.transuranic elements. Some of the IRTThe AFC irradiation team also specimens also have FCCI-mitigatingcollaborated with the advanced fuel cladding liners. performance modeling and fuel fabri-Accomplishments:cation teams in generating a prelimi-During fiscal year (FY) 2019 thenary test matrix for the upcoming AFC irradiation team oversaw theAFC-4F and -G tests. The matrix continued irradiation of AFC-3F,is not yet finalized, but the team -4B, -4C, -4D, and -IRT1. Due toachieved adequate maturity to help some extended maintenance outagesguide near term developments in fuel and two PALM cycles (wherefabrication capabilities. The AFC-4F the AFC experiments are extractedand -G tests will address employ U-Zr from the core due to very highand U-Pu-Zr alloys with promising power conditions), two completeFCCI-mitigating liners, strategic ATR standard cycles were completeinclusion of rare earth elements to accumulating ~120 effective fullhelp accelerate FCCI effects thus power days on AFC tests in FY19.supporting a hastened timeline for Supporting continued irradiation offinal liner type selection, and the use these experiments requires vigilanceof annular extruded and slotted fuel in tracking as-run irradiationdesigns to help enable direct disposal conditions and projecting futuresodium-free designs. These efforts are operations both for safety compliancesynergistically planned to leverage, reasons, and to inform programmaticsupport, and augment the concurrent decisions such as reconfigurationFAST-1 irradiation test. Co-planning of capsules within the irradiationof both AFC and FAST tests will assembly to leverage ATRs axial fluxenable comparisons to validate the gradient in achieving desired fuelveracity of and identify artifacts temperature conditions. In one caseresulting from the novel burnup these efforts resulted in a simpleacceleration strategy planned for capsule reconfiguration strategy thatFAST-1. Similarly, the complimentary will be employed in coming cyclesnature of these tests will enable AFC to ensure that the AFC-IRT1 test staystest series to focus more specifically on geometry and scale phenomena at representative radial dimensions.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 203'