b'Development of Chemical Vapor Infiltration(CVI) for SiC/SiC CompositesPrincipal Investigator: Brian Jolly, ORNLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Yutai Kato, Austin Schumacher, Richard Lowden and Kevin Cooley (ORNL)A new experimentalT his research focuses on theperformance in nuclear applications.design, installation, and testingFor this work, functionality of the CVD/CVI systemof a new experimental chemicalequipment was demonstrated by has been designed,vapor deposition (CVD)/ chemicalinfiltrating Nicalon silicon carbide fibers installed, andvapor infiltration (CVI) system allowingwith a CVI derived matrix.Future work demonstrated allowingfor the fabrication of ceramic matrixwill include utilizing carbon, oxides the fabricationcomposites.The goal of this system isand other high temperature materials of lab-scale SiC/ to not only produce traditional SiC/ as an interface layer to control bonding SiC composite testSiC composites for testing, but tobetween the fiber and matrix material, specimens. also be adaptable enough to facilitateincreasing run duration/optimizing development work using a varietyprocessing conditions to increase of precursor materials working tocomposite density, and refining graphite improve ceramic composite materialspreform and coating chamber design.Figure 1. Overview of experimental CVD/CVI system.18 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'