b'Figure 2. Relationship of out- analytics consist of a combination ofAccomplishments:of-pile experiments, modelingtheoretical and modeling and simulationThe primary technical and simulation, and in-pileanalyses to provide design inputs andaccomplishments thus far include:experiments to investigate transient in-pile boiling. develop the experimental test matrix. A novel, non-fuel, nuclear-heated The experiment design requires analysesfuel simulator rod has been designed to support the safety basis of theto perform CHF studies in TREAT. experimental device in TREAT.The original proposal concept has Key experimental capabilities developedproven out through modeling work under this project include (1) ato show transient CHF is achievable unique-in-the-world, out-of-pile pulsein TREAT without nuclear fuel! power boiling system for existingCollaboration with the University high pressure water autoclave, (2) aof Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK) has non-fueled, nuclear heated rod designbeen a vital part of this work to to support separate effects studies ofdate with crucial contributions by in-pile boiling, and (3) an experimentstudent participants. The simulator capsule design incorporatingrod design has been tuned to achieve advanced instrumentation to obtainspecific experimental goals to detect high confidence desired results. Firstonset of CHF using the planned experiments are planned to begininstrumentation package resulting before the end of 2019. in an elegant but simple, borated stainless steel, tapered wall thickness heater tube design.132 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'