b'4.5 ACRONYMSAFC Advanced Fuels CampaignAGR .Advanced Gas ReactorAL Air LiquideALIP Annular Linear Induction PumpsANS American Nuclear SocietyAPMT Advanced Powder Metallurgy TubingAPT .Atom Probe TomographyAR .As-rolledARL .Army Research LaboratoryATF . Accident Tolerant FuelATR Advanced Test ReactorBCC Body Centered CubicBDBA .Beyond Design Basis AccidentBOL .Beginning of LifeBSE Back-scattered ElectronBWR .Boiling Water ReactorCAES Center for Advanced Energy StudiesCASL Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRsCDF Cumulative Distribution FunctionCEA . Commissariatl nergie AtomiqueCEE Committee for Examination of ExperimentsCGCeramic Grade CHF .Critical Heat fluxCIC Core Internal Change-outCINDI .Characterization-scale Instrumented Neutron Dose IrradiationCP . Cathcart-Pawel250 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'