b'Length-Dependence of Severe Accident Test Station Integral TestingPrincipal Investigator: B. Garrison, ORNLTeam Members/ Collaborators: M. Howell, M. Gussev and K. Linton (ORNL); M. N. Cinbiz (INL)Figure 1. Setup of a 4-inchT he performance of theincluding tube testing, simulated-nuclear grade FeCrAl specimenAccident Tolerant FuelLOCA testing, to the integral tests post-LOCA test with thick- (ATF) candidates must beat the Idaho National Laboratorys walled Hastelloy extensions to preserve temperatureevaluated under simulated loss-of- (INL) Transient Reactor Test Facility distribution and internal gascoolant-accident (LOCA) for the(TREAT) reactor.As ATF concepts volume of the standard 12-inchdevelopment of the licensing pathmature and undergo irradiations in specimen. for these materials.The claddingcommercial and test reactors, the integrity is a primary focus ofavailability of in-cell simulated-fuel safety testing and remains aLOCA testing at the Oak Ridge significant research priority for theNational Laboratory (ORNL)s Advanced Fuels Campaign (AFC)Severe Accident Test Station (SATS) on behalf of ATF vendor teams.provides a direct comparison of The integral fuel safety testingsimulated-LOCA test conditions ranges from separate-effects tests,previously performed on light-146 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'