b'composition to validate ATR testingX501, AFC-1H and FUTURIX-FTAFigure 1. Back-scattered electron of fast reactor fuel. The third sampleexperiments. The microstructure(BSE) montage of the 3 SEM samples analyzed was taken from a uniqueof X501 sample (Figure 1a)cross-section. In the upper left and transmutation experiment in EBR-II,presents the three main regionslower right area for a) and c) there is some copper tape used to ground X501 (U-20.2Pu-9.1Zr-1.2Am- while the AFC-1H (Figure 1b) andthe sample electrically. In this figure, 1.3Np composition). FUTURIX-FTA (Figure 1c) showbrighter areas indicate areas of higher a predominant central region thatelectron density associated with higher This project confirms that irradia- atomic number elements.tion in ATR creates the correct radialexpand for more than half of the power profile therefore, the correctcross sections. Energy dispersion radial temperature profile to repro- X-ray (EDX) line scan measurements duce thermal-driven phenomena. revealed that the Zr element redistribution largely occurs in the Accomplishments:same manner between AFC-1H and SEM examinations have beenFUTURIX-FTA samples and it is less performed on three irradiatedreadily apparent compared to the transmutation metallic fuelX501 sample and with historically samples taken respectively from 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 213'