b'Figure 2. Installation of ATF-2 in the Advanced Test Reactor Loop 2A in the Center Flux Trap.consist of various materials of interest chosen by the parties involved such as variations of zirconium cladding and coatings and doped UO 2fuel pellets. The specimens are 0.3600.374 inch diameter and six to twelve inches long. These are held vertically in Loop 2A by holders and irradiated under prototypical PWR conditions.Accomplishments:ATF-2 completed 176 days of irradiation in ATR throughSeptember 30, 20219. In addition,new design improvements wereBWR-type specimens have beenFigure 3. ATF-2B diagram with new completed to accommodate largerreceived from Global Nuclear Fueldesign improvements for BWR type specimens (Tiers 3 & 4) and diameter boiling water reactor (GNF) and INL is in the final stagesoptimized prototypical operation.(BWR)-type specimens and reconfigureof fabrication of new tooling and the existing specimens to optimizeexperiment test train hardware. desired linear heat generation ratesReconfiguration of ATF-2 to ATF-2B and cladding temperatures for PWRis on-schedule to be completed in prototypic conditions. This completed aOctober 2019.level 2 milestone.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 113'