b'CSV .Comma Separated ValueCTRN Carbothermic Reduction and NitridingCVD .Chemical Vapor DepositionCVI . Chemical Vapor InfiltrationDBA Design Basis AccidentDFT .Density Functional TheoryDI Dual IonDISECT .Disc Irradiation for Separate Effects Testing with Control of TemperatureDOE .Department of Energydpa.Displacements per Atom DSC Differential Scanning CalorimetryDZ .Dark ZoneEATF .Enhanced Accident Tolerant FuelEBR .Experimental Breeder ReactorEBSD Electron Backscatter DiffractionECF Energy Coupling FactorECR Equivalent Cladding ReactedEDS Energy Dispersive X-Ray SpectroscopyEDX .Energy Dispersion X-RayEM .ElectromagneticEM2 Energy Multiplier ModuleEPMA Electron Probe Micro AnalysisEPRI .Electric Power Research InstituteF& OR .Functional and Operational RequirementsFASB .Fuels and Applied Science BuildingFAST Fission Accelerated Steady-state Testing2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 251'