b'Figure 1. GE ARMOR and IronClad segmented rods for the Clinton Installation.GE ARMOR Rods for Clinton GE IronClad Rods for ClintonIronClad. For the Clinton Cycle 20The technical goals for the current insertion, GE fabricated segmentedFY2019 period were, (a) to advance full length rods which included fueledon rod manufacturing procedures both and non-fueled segments or ARMORfor ARMOR coated and monolithic coated Zircaloy-2 and IronClad C26MIronClad cladding, and (b) to make as well as non-fueled segments ofprogress on obtaining irradiation Advanced Powder Metallurgy Tubingdata for the ATF concepts. Both (APMT) and Nippon Nuclear Fuelgoals were highly successful since Development (NFD) oxide dispersionit was demonstrated that standard strengthened (ODS) cladding. Figure 1industrial equipment could be used shows the ARMOR and IronClad rodsfor fabrication of rods, and the Clinton that were installed in bundles for theinstallation is on track to become the Clinton Plant. second commercial plant installation after the Hatch Unit 1 installation in February 2018.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 41'