b'Fabrication of High-density Irradiation Test Specimensfor HFIR MiniFuel TestingPrincipal Investigator: Najeb Abdul-Jabbar, LANLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Joshua White and Chris Grote (LANL)Figure 1. (a) Polarized lightC haracterization of conventionalsetup requires fuel pellet samples with microscopy image of a polishedirradiated nuclear fuel pellets~3 mm diameter and thicknesses U3S2 pellet that reveals overallcan be prohibitively expensive300 m. Such size restrictions grain structure. (b) Higherand other options must be exploredserve to greatly reduce sample magnification image, which showsfor a higher throughput approach.radioactivity after irradiation and grain sizes 20 m.An experimental framework has beenmitigate the need for costly handling developed at Oak Ridge Nationalprocedures. Additionally, miniature Laboratory (ORNL) to conductgeometries can aid in decoupling irradiation testing on miniature fuelinterrelated materials phenomena (MiniFuel) candidate materials. Thethat are observed in full-scale fuels 70 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'