b'Figure 2. BSE image of the central portion of X501 fuel sample where an Amlanthanide precipitate is highlighted.U-20Pu-10Zr metallic fuel. Thethe Zr content drops to 2.5 wt.%; Zr concentration is higher in thethis phase is not well understood center regions of the three fueland to assess its impact on the fuel samples compare to the as fabricatedsolidus temperature, further research compositions, inferring theis needed.existence of a cubic-like structureMinor actinides act similarly in all of (gamma phase). Elsewhere in thethe three samples. Np behaves very fuels there are several differentsimilarly to U and is present in the phases with different amounts of Zr,fuel matrix while Am is behaving U and Pu. To notice is a phase in thelike a lanthanides and is segregated intermediate region of X501 wherein precipitates / secondary phases also with noble metals (Figure 2). 214 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'