b'Active Projects Awarded in 2018Nuclear Energy University Cooperative AgreementsLead University Title Principal InvestigatorUniversity of California, Berkeley Understanding of degradation of SiC/SiC Peter Hosemannmaterials in nuclear systems and development of mitigation strategiesUniversity of Minnesota, Probabilistic Failure Criterion of SiC/SiC Jialiang LeTwin Cities Composites Under Multi-Axial LoadingUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Advanced Coating and Surface Modification Tech-Kumar Sridharannologies for SiC-SiC Composite for Hydrothermal Corrosion Protection in LWRUniversity of Michigan Mechanistic Understanding of RadiolyticallyGary WasAssisted Hydrothermal Corrosion of SiC in LWR Coolant EnvironmentsUniversity of Florida Multiaxial Failure Envelopes and Uncertainty Ghatu SubhashQuantification of Nuclear-Grade SiCf/SiC Woven Ceramic Matrix Tubular CompositesUniversity of Notre Dame Radiolytic Dissolution Rate of Silicon Carbide David BartelsUniversity of South Carolina Development of Multi-Axial Failure Criteria forXinyu HuangNuclear Grade SiCf-SiCm CompositesUniversity of California, Berkeley Bridging the length scales on mechanical Peter Hosemannproperty evaluationPurdue University Microstructure-Based Benchmarking for Nano/Janelle WharryMicroscale Tension and Ductility Testing of Irradi-ated SteelsUniversity of Utah Benchmarking Microscale Ductility Measurements Owen KingstedtUniversity of Nebraska, Lincoln Bridging microscale to macroscale mechanicalJian Wangproperty measurements and predication of perfor-mance limitation for FeCrAl alloys under extreme reactor applicationsVirginia Polytechnic Institute C-SiOC-SiC Coated Particle Fuels for AdvancedKathy Luand State University Nuclear ReactorsUniversity of Tennessee A novel and flexible approach for converting LWRCraig Barnesat Knoxville UNF fuel into forms that can be used to fuel a variety of Gen-IV reactors2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 247'