b'Figure 3. Graphite sample holder with SiC fiber preform sitting on graphite support fixture before and during processing at 1000C.the fabrication of lab-scale SiC/SiCcontrollers (MFCs) with a vacuum composite test specimens.Maximumcontrol system providing stable sample size for this system is ~75mmpressure control from ~10 Torr to in diameter with initial tests beingatmospheric pressure.Effluents performed using 25.4mm in diameter(namely HCl) from the SiC deposition disk shaped specimens consisting ofprocess are neutralized via dry multiple layers of Ceramic Grade (CG)scrubber before discharge to building Nicalon fabric.The experimentalventilation.CVD/CVI system uses a hot-wallTo demonstrate functionality of the type configuration with a verticallyCVI system, a silicon fiber composite oriented quartz process tube heatedtest disk was successfully fabricated by a resistive 3-zone tube furnace. (Figure 2).Plain weave Nicalon SiC The quartz process tube is sealedfabric from Dow Corning was used to by stainless steel flanges providingform the SiC composite fiber preform atmospheric control and serves asfor the first infiltration test.The the coating chamber which housesSiC fabric was first cut into circular the test samples.Process gasses arepieces 25.4mm in diameter before delivered via electronic mass flow 20 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'