b'4.2 FY-17 LEVEL 2 MILESTONESWork Package Title Site Work PackageLevel 2 MilestoneManagerBaseline Integral Tests in TREAT - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Issue a summary technical report for conceptual design of MARCH-SERTTACampaign Management - INL INL Mai, Edward Final Report to DOE on Halden Gap Analysis for ATFBaseline Integral Tests in TREAT - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Complete ATF-SETH testing in TREATATF SiC Cladding and Core Compo- ORNL Katoh, Yutai Systematic Technology Evaluation Plan (STEP) for nent Development - ORNL SiC as BWR channel boxBaseline Integral Tests in TREAT - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Update ATF-3-1 RIA Test PlanAdvanced Ceramic Fuel PerformanceLANL White, Josh U 3 Si 2pellets fabricated with controlled and Qualification - LANL microstructures ready for HFIR MiniFuel irradiationAR Integral Transient Fuel Perfor- INL Emerson, LeighDevelop Test Plan for International Transient Testing mance Testing - INL Ann Project for Fast Reactor FuelsCampaign Management - INL INL Mai, Edward Co-host (w/GAIN) Advanced Reactors Fuels Industry WorkshopIrradiation Testing Capability - INL INL Guymon, Helen Conduct Super-SERTTA Preliminary (60%) Design ReviewFuel Fabrication - INL INL Fielding, Randy Demonstration of fabrication of reduced diameter metallic fuel rodlets for FASTAdvanced Ceramic Fuel DevelopmentLANL White, Josh Report on waterproofing UN studies- LANLEvolution of Fuel Structure, Chem- ORNL Nelson, Andy Report on structure, chemistry, property assessment istry, & Properties following Irradia- capabilities for PIE of MiniFuel geometriestion - ORNLBaseline Integral Tests in TREAT - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Update ATF-3-2 LOCA Test PlanFuel Characterizations - INL INL Giglio, Jeff Update of Metallic Fuels HandbookBaseline Integral Tests in TREAT - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Ready to perform first RIA in TREAT on unirradiated ATF (ATF-3-1)Small Scale Mechanical and IonLANL Maloy, Stuart Issue report on advanced microscale testing on Irradiation Testing of FeCrAl alloys -FeCrAl tubing and correlate measurements to LANL macroscale testing resultsAdvanced FR Cladding DevelopmentLANL Maloy, Stuart Report on and Extrude ODS tubes to dimensions - LANL needed for fueled ATR irradiations242 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'