b'2.5 LWR FUEL SAFETY TESTINGCompletion of the SETH-A/E Test Series to CommissionTREAT Experimental CapabilitiesPrincipal Investigator: Nicolas Woolstenhulme (INL)Team Members/ Collaborators: Austin Fleming, Devin Imholte, Connor Woolum, Cody Race, Connie Hill, Dan Chapman, Spencer Snow, Doug Dempsey, Clint Baker, David Kamerman and Colby Jensen, Daniel Wachs (INL)Figure 1. Photo, X-radiograph, and design rendering of the SETH capsule.The first series of SETH capsule irradiation tests in TREAT successfully commissioned several modern experiment capabilities, familiarized engineering staff with experimental methods, and gathered crucial nuclear heating data to pave the way for future fuel safety research T he Transient Reactor Test facilityto reclaim the domestic capability for in TREAT. (TREAT) at Idaho Nationalthis type of research. The first series Laboratory is a graphite-basedof modern fueled experiments were shaped-transient reactor constructedperformed starting in 2018 in order to in the late 1950s to support nuclearcommission modern irradiation capa-heated fuel safety research. After anbilities and gather nuclear heating data extended operational hiatus, TREAT wasto aid design of near future accident refurbished and restarted in late 2017tolerant fuels (ATF) objectives. 114 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'