b'Figure 2. Retrieval of the H-cups in HFEF.gamma scan showed that the fissionFigure 3a. It corresponds to the cross product 137Cs remains confined insection of one of the samples with the fuel disks within each H-cup.C35M disks pre-oxidized at 1000C Following rodlet non-destructivefor two hours. The fuel is in contact examinations, disassembly of thewith the FeCrAl disk along most of rodlet to retrieve the single H-cupsthe surface, but small gaps could be was performed in the containmentobserved towards the outer part of box of HFEF (Figure 2). Each H-cupthe fuel slice. A high-magnification was mounted in a metallographyimage of the central part of the lower mount, ground and polished to revealUO 2 -FeCrAl interface is shown in the FeCrAl-UO 2interfaces. One of theFigure 3b. The microstructure of metallography mounts is shown inthe fuel shows extensive porosity, 106 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'