b' A final design for the in-pilesubscale, fully functional prototype experiment has nearly beenhas been tested to show full function achieved awaiting final analysis.and operability. All supporting labora-The design incorporates the fueltory control and safety documenta-simulator rod with an advancedtion has been established to support instrumentation package includingsystem operation. surface temperature measurementsThis project has become a proving via thermocouples and fiber-coupledground for water reactor fuel behavior infrared pyrometry, internal heaterunder boiling conditions. These rod temperature measurements viacapabilities and the resulting data will fiber-coupled infrared pyrometry,be foundational to transient testing and an impedance-based boilingof ATF (design and interpretation detector for detecting voidingof results) while providing further behavior in the capsule. Most of theopportunity to take advantage of instrument package is novel for thisenhanced material performance. The application and has already shownproject has already led to follow on great promise in out-of-pile testingstudies for cladding performance to obtain high value data supportingstudies during anticipated operational the goals of the project. occurrences in LWRs and potentialThe project has designed and isstudies of other advanced fuels nearing construction completionunder CHF conditions. The first CHF of a unique capacitive-based powerexperiments will begin in the TREAT control system to perform transientfacility this winter.boiling experiments in a high-pres-sure water autoclave under prototypic conditions (excluding flow). This effort is closely supported by the University of Idaho (UofI) through all phases of development. The design is truly unique for full pressure and temperature on prototypic LWR rod cross-sectional geometry. The system will be efficient for accom-plishing the goals of this project and extending to qualification of TREAT devices and a variety of thermal-hydraulic experiments. The design has been modeled extensively and a 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 133'