b'Demonstration of novel small scale pellet fabrication at LANL enables separate and integral effects testing of nuclear fuels of interest for model development and assessment within the Advanced Fuels Campaign.authorization basis and materialFlux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) irradia-inventory for the FRL which increasedtions which continues upon FY18 the overall allowable fissile uraniumefforts that demonstrated the ability by 85%. All work authorization docu- to fabricate oxides. Based on the above ments (IWDs) pertaining to highlyinvestigations, it is anticipated that the enriched uranium (HEU) processingFRL at LANL is well suited to accom-and the operation procedure (OP)modate future accelerated irradiation specifically addressing account- testing within the campaign for a able material processing, have beenvariety of current and next generation revised or created allowing customfuel forms.enrichments for next FY fabrications. Technical challenges were also over-come this year fabricating depleted U 3 Si 2pellets to the MiniFuel geometry specifications, shown in Figure 2. Eight high density MiniFuel pellets >93% dense of U 3 Si 2were successfully fabricated and shipped to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for High 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 25'