b'Figure 2. Plot of the measured temperatures from the pyrometers in five of the ATF-SETH experiment transients in TREAT.Accomplishments: parameters such as misalignment, Steady progress has been madetarget shape, oxidation, surface toward the development of a high- roughness, and time response. An speed, in-pile pyrometer for high- active single wavelength pyrometry temperature measurements. Thistechnique was evaluated alongside a research has been conducted withmulti-spectral based system. Through a graded approach which includesthese tests, the multi-spectral demon-laboratory-based testing, preliminarystrated less sensitivity to misalign-in-pile tests, and deployment inment, surface roughness, and target fueled experiments. Laboratory-basedshape. This leads to more accurate testing has used design of experimentmeasurements under prototypic approaches to evaluate pyrometryconditions. This testing was followed techniques to determine which areby preliminary sensor testing in the the most appropriate for in-pilecoolant channels of Transient Reactor applications. This testing includedTest Facility (TREAT). This testing was 120 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'