b'Figure 3. Representativeduring irradiation. The diameter ofbe conducted in parallel to quantify dimensional (dimensionseach rodlet is carefully measured beforethermal creep in coated rodlets. Work is removed) scan of ARMOR coatedand after irradiation using severalbeing conducted to NQA-1 standards rodlet to facilitate measurement of irradiation creep duringtechniques including non-contact laserfor inclusion in a Nuclear Regulatory postirradiation examination. profilometry, conventional contactCommission (NRC) license application, micrometry, and high-resolution digitalallowing for accelerated deployment of image processing. The creep deformationthis safer and more reliable technology measured in coated rodlets will thento the countrys current reactor fleet.be compared to the creep observedAccomplishments:in uncoated rodlets to determine theProject design goals sought to replicate impact of ARMOR coating on claddingprototypic light water reactor (LWR) irradiation creep. Out-of-pile test willcladding stress and temperature 102 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'