b'Accident Tolerant Fuels - Series 1 (ATF-1)Principal Investigator: David Kamerman, INLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Stanton Byington, Bryon Curnutt, Cody Hale, Kelly Ellis, Chris Murdock and Connor Woolum (INL)T he ultimate goal of the Accidentis not exposed to the ATR Primary Tolerant Fuel (ATF) program isCoolant System (PCS) as the fueled to demonstrate improved fuelrodlets are encapsulated in stainless and/or cladding concepts offering thesteel. Upon reaching pre-defined ATF-1 is testing newpotential to replace the Zircaloy-UO 2 irradiation test objectives, the experi-technologies such assystem currently used throughout thements are discharged from ATR and improved fuel and/ light water reactor (LWR) industry. Toshipped to the Material and Fuels or cladding conceptssupport this goal, the congressionalComplex (MFC) for postirradiation using a demonstratedappropriation language for fiscal yearexamination (PIE) and/or transient design-vehicle in the(FY) 2012 included specific languagetesting in the Transient Reactor Test ATR irradiation testfor Department of Energy-NuclearFacility (TREAT).environment. Energy (DOE-NE) to initiate anProject Description:aggressive research, development, andThe irradiation experiment assembly demonstration (RD&D) program for(Figure 1) loaded into the ATR LWR fuels with enhanced accidentconsists of the basket, top spacer, tolerance. The test data collected asand seven vertically-stacked capsule part of the ATF program will supportassemblies and/or dummies in each demonstration of lead test rods (LTRs)of the three channels (for a total of or lead test assemblies (LTAs) in atwenty-one (21) capsules/dummies commercial LWR within 10 years (i.e.,per basket). The capsule used in the by the end of FY 2022).experiment provides the pressure As a step toward this goal, an irradia- boundary for the experimental mate-tion test series of drop-in capsulerials located within. In the event of a experiments, denoted ATF-1, wasrodlet cladding failure, the stainless fabricated and inserted into the Idahosteel (316L) capsule prevents fission National Laboratory (INL) Advancedproducts from entering the ATR PCS. Test Reactor (ATR) beginning in FYThe test rodlet is intended to represent 2015. As part of feasibility testing,a miniature length pressurized water ATF-1 experiment fuel claddingreactor (PWR) fuel rod, nominally 108 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'