b'Accomplishments:was achieved by both implementingFigure 1. Evolution of the coupled Leveraging several mechanicalphysics that is more representativeswelling, fission gas release, modeling experts within Los Alamosof the system, as well as improvingporosity, and creep models in National Laboratory (LANL), andthe underlying thermo-mechanicalBISON. The interplay between model complexity and ability to collaborating closely with membersframework in MOOSE. mechanistically predict behavior from the Department of Energy (DOE)is complex, with strides towards Nuclear Energy Advanced ModelingIn general, the primary metric ofpushing the envelope this year interest for core designers utilizingachieved through interactions with and Simulation (NEAMS) programmetallic fuel is the amount of creepLANL and INL researchers in the at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)swelling in the cladding due toAFC and NEAMS.and LANL, we were able to resolvethe risk of flow channel blockage. previously unsolvable physics relatingFollowing previous assessments to swelling and fission gas release. Thisof BISON for metallic fuel from 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 227'