b'Figure 1. Group photo from international workshop held in Idaho to jointly assess testing capability gaps and international facility capabilities.Collaboration between modelers from different backgrounds and across DOE programs has led to strides in multi-scale modeling capability and enhanced robustness stakeholders and presented at severalbeing used at major U.S. testing facilitiesof metallic fuel BISON technical meetings. The final reportincluding Advanced Test reactor (ATR),simulations.was released in December 2019. High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), the In summary, the unfortunate loss ofTransient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT), the HWBR has further emphasized theand Massachusetts Institute of Tech-important reawakening of DOE facili- nology Reactor (MITR). Revitalized ties under the ATF program to betterLWR testing capabilities at BR-2 and utilize major existing infrastructure toconstruction at the Jules Horowitz meet the needs of the modern LWRReactor (JHR) are promising Euro-industry, in addition to the advancedpean complements to expanded DOE reactor community. Significant irradia- capabilities, while Russia maintains a full tion testing capabilities are available andsuite of LWR R&D capabilities. The ATR and TREAT Facility (and Material Fuels 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 231'