b"Figure 2. Radiograph of welded targets prior to irradiation.Accomplishments:colleagues at Technical UniversityFigure 1. a) Example of neutron A digital camera-based neutronMunich using their NICOS softwareradiograph of SETH-D with stitched imaging system was developed andthat was specially formatted for atop and bottom fields of view. b) SETH-D capsule in front of the digital installed in NRADs North Radiog- stand-alone setup apart from theirneutron imaging system in NRAD's raphy Station to test novel scintil- instrument network. Altogether, theNorth Radiography Station (NRS). lator screens for neutron imaging.imaging system, sample stage, andc) A cut-away of the 3D rendering An adapter to mount SETH capsulescontrol system makes up a neutronshowing the internal configuration of the SETH-D capsule. d) 3D was fabricated and mounted to atomography system capable ofrenderings of the rodlet showing sample positioning stage to accom- acquiring multiple neutron radio- regions of bulged cladding.modate AFC programmatic samples.graphs at multiple projectionAn instrument control system wasangles using automated instrument developed in collaboration withcontrol software. 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 123"