b'Figure 4. ATF-1 basket1.Accomplishments: target burnup in the 162B cycle and At the conclusion of FY2019, fifteenshipped 4/22/19 for PIE at the Hot of the thirty-one ATF-1 capsules hadFuel Examination Facility (HFEF). reached target burnup and had eitherATF-10 reached target burnup in the completed PIE or are in process.164A cycle and shipped 4/22/19 FY2019 scope included two ATRfor PIE at HFEF. ATF-30, ATF-34, and cycles, 164B and 166A. Cycle-specificATF-44 reached target burnup in the analyses were performed for these two164B cycle and shipped 4/22/19 for cycles. Additional flux-wire monitorsPIE at HFEF. ATF-44 represents the last were fabricated to support the onof the Los Alamos National Laboratory going irradiations for these and future(LANL)-1 concepts in the ATF-1 series. cycles. ATR canal reconfiguration workScoping for a new ATF-1 test group was also performed to support theof capsules for Framatome was insertion of the ATF-1 experimentscompleted. FY2020 scope will and baskets into the ATR. include design, fabrication and Multiple ATF-1 capsules reachedassembly of these capsules for a target burnup either just prior tofuture insertion in the ATR. Scoping FY2019 or during. ATF-41 reachedfor two more ATF-1 shipments in FY 2020 was also performed.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 111'