b'Figure 2. Effect of annealing temperature on total elongation and ultimate strength of ODS FeCrAl.Accomplishments: grains existed after a high temperature Progress has been made onanneal at 1100C for 1h. This is a understanding how the highlysignificant challenge that needs to deformed grain structure in pilgeredbe alleviated in future large batch thin-walled ODS FeCrAl tubesproductions of ODS FeCrAl tubes. adversely affects mechanical response.A secondary obstacle is that once In the as-received condition, the thin- significant amounts of recrystallization walled ODS FeCrAl tubes exhibitedhave occurred, the alloys strength a total elongation less than 3% priordeteriorates through a variety of to fracture in a brittle manner. Evenprocesses (i.e., particle coarsening, a partial recrystallization was unable todrop in dislocation density, a drastic increase the ductility of the alloy untilincrease in grain size), so innovative large area fractions of recrystallizedmethodologies are being implemented 92 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'