b'Advanced Fast Reactor Cladding DevelopmentPrincipal Investigator: Stuart Maloy, LANLTeam Members/Collaborators: Ben Eftink, Jonathan Gigax, Hyosim Kim and Yongqiang Wang (LANL)S Byun (PNNL) Lin Shao and Frank Garner (TAMU)material must meet this challenging environment while possessing the ability to be fabricated into thin wall tubing and joined by welding.Project Description: The leading candidate for high dose environments of sodium-cooled fast reactors is 12Cr-1MoVW (HT-9) ferritic/martensitic steel (F/M steel) due to its resistance to irradiation induced swelling and creep up to 550C. For higher thermal efficiency of fast reactors, advanced materials are required that can perform at higher irradiation temperatures. Advanced radiation tolerant materials containing a dispersion of nano-size oxide particles are being developed to meet the higher irradiation tempera-tures and enable higher fuel burnup. Figure 1. Comparison of heavy-ionT he Nuclear Technology ResearchAlthough the high strength properties induced void swelling in INL HT9and Development (NTRD)and radiation tolerance of the oxide (this study) and void swelling fromprogram is investigatingdispersion alloys are attractive, these irradiation in the Fast Flux Testalloys also present greater challenges Facility (FFTF). advanced nuclear fuel claddingin fabricating useful parts such as that will enable the developmentthin wall tubes. Thus, in this project, of new fuel for irradiating to veryresearch is focused on improving the high burnup (e.g., >40%) in a fasthigh temperature strength of HT-9 neutron flux. The cladding mustdeveloping and testing improved withstand mechanical propertyradiation tolerant heats of HT-9.degradation due to swelling and creep deformation upon exposure to veryAccomplishments: high neutron doses of >200 dpa atSignificant accomplishments have high temperatures while maintainingbeen achieved related to testing the structural integrity in contact withradiation tolerance of new heats of the fuel and coolant. The claddingHT-9 and performing thermome-190 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'