b'Accomplishments: pressure, hoop stresses and burstFigure 3. Results of burst This research was performed to studycharacteristics of the tube specimen.measurements with varied-length the length dependence of nuclear- Burst temperature and pressurenuclear grade FeCrAl specimens tested at the initial pressure.No grade FeCrAl cladding required toresults are shown in Figure 2.Burstsignificant differences could be run a LOCA relevant experimentmeasurements and images weredetermined for specimen lengths as on the SATS.To accomplish this,performed with a micrometer andshort as 4-inch long.experiments with varied lengthsKeyence microscope respectively.and pressures were performedBurst measurements and images using unirradiated FeCrAl thinfor variable-length tubes tested at tube cladding.The SATS systemthe same initial pressure are shown simulates a design basis LOCA byin Figure 3.Burst results from the increasing the temperature of anvarious lengths of tube specimens internally pressurized tube in awere compared and demonstrated steam environment in a postulatedthat specimens as short as 4 in DBA.This increasing temperaturelength were within the scatter of consequently increases the internalstandard 12-inch specimens for pressure and hoop stress on theC26M FeCrAl material, so it was tube specimen until it bursts. determined that a 4-inch specimen Tube performance was quantifiedwould produce valid results. by the burst temperature, burst 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 149'