b'Work Package Title Site Work PackageLevel 2 MilestoneManagerMaterials Modeling in Support of ATFORNL Wirth, Brian Summary Report on Advanced Fuel Mechanics Fuel Development - ORNL Modeling of SiC-clad FuelsATF-2 loop testing and redesign - INL INL Hoggard, Gary Design approved for modifications to the ATF-2 test train for BWR rodlets and increased pin capacityATF PIE - INL INL Harp, Jason Update Report on ATF-1 PIEAdvanced Fabrication DevelopmentINL Fielding, Randy Demonstrate machining capability for plutonium INL bearing fuel alloysPIE and Analyses - INL INL Harp, Jason Issue PIE Report on legacy EBR-II and FFTF metallic fuel experimentsFuel Modeling Support - LANL LANL Unal, Cetin Issue Assessment Report of metallic fuel swelling model vs. dataCX PIE Infrastructure - INL INL Martinson,Demonstrate Property Measurement on Irradiated Steven Fuel in IMCLIrradiation of ATF Concepts in HFIRORNL Petrie, Christian Monolithic ATF MiniFuel Sample Capsules Ready for - ORNL HFIR Insertion2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 243'