b'A PIE campaign on X521-G594 (one of the five fuel pins) has been performed at HFEF of the Material and Fuel Complex (MFC) at INL. The PIEFigure 1. Neutron radiography campaign consisted of non-destructiveimage (left) and the same image examination such as visual inspection,with enhanced contrast showing the particular of the bottom of the fuel pin, neutron radiography, dimensionallift off and the neutron attenuation in exams, gamma spectroscopy andthe central region.destructive exams such as fission gas release collection and optical microscopy.These examinations will assess the feasibility and safety of the usage of weapons-grade Pu as fast reactor metallic fuel withoutremoving Ga through a timelyand costly reprocessing.Accomplishments: Preliminary PIE on X521-G594, a unique metallic fuel pin of U-19.8Pu-10Zr-0.2Ga composition, has been performed at INL. The fuel pin was irradiated in EBR-II at a peak burnup of 1.5 at%.Neutron radiography of the examined pin revealed typical metallic fuel behavior. The fuel appears to have swelled radially to fill the cladding and a small amount of fuel is dissolved into the sodium at the top of the pin plenum. Furthermore, the presence of some lift off the pin is evident and from the neutron radiography (shown in Figure 1) is possible to see some neutron attenuation in the central region.This could indicate either the 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 217'