b'Figure 2. Mechanical properties ofthermo-mechanical processing andnano-size Ti-Y-O oxide particles and OFRAC. (a) comparing the yield andto sequester interstitial C and Na dispersion of coarser Nb(C,N) ultimate tensile stresses of OFRACintroduded as contamination duringparticles (Figure 1). from 25C to 800C in as-extruded condition and after annealing for 8ball milling by the addition of NbThe tensile and creep properties hours at 1050C and 1150C andto form Nb(C,N) particles (FCC:were evaluated to investigate the (b) comparing the creep propertiesFm("3" )m space group). Titanium is of HT-9 with OFRAC, which wasadded to form nano-size Ti-Y-O oxideperformance of OFRAC at high obtained from strain rate jump tests. temperatures (Figure 2). A highlight particles that are characteristic ofof the tensile tests conducted over the 14YWT. Since the mechanical alloyingtemperature range of 25C to 800C conditions used forproducingwas that annealing samples of OFRAC 14YWT were the same for producingfor 8 h at 1050C and 1150C, which OFRAC, the microstructure ofis ~0.70 and 0.77 of the melting OFRAC consistes of ultra-fine grainspoint, had little effect on the strength containing a high concentration ofand ductility properties (Figure 2a), indicating the microstructure is 188 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'