b'Digitization of FeCrAl Property Handbook for NRC CollaborationPrincipal Investigator: M. Dylan Richardson, ORNLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Kevin G. Field and Andrew T. Nelson (ORNL)Figure 1. Web interfaceI n order to allow for the dataProject Description:screenshot used to plotfound within the AFC documentFor the digitization of this handbook, selected thermal expansionHandbook on the Materialthere were four main objectives:data from FeCrAl alloys.Properties of FeCrAl Alloys for Nuclear1.to allow for dissemination of the Power Production Applications to behandbook figures, plotted data, easily accessible, digitization effortsand raw data,were made with all data and plots. This was accomplished via a Microsoft2.to provide the figures and associ-Excel Document, as well as with a webated data in a consumable manner,app developed using a package in R3.to provide the raw data associated called Shiny. with each figure, and4.to provide commentary on the quality assurance (QA) for the various datasets.78 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'