b'heater module. CINDI is designedsurrounded by a reactor in order toFigure 3. Renderings and capsule to be compatible with MARCHsupport low-dose irradiations (upphoto of the CINDI design.in the double containment modeto ~1E15 fissions/gram) in a well-(required for plutonium bearingcontrolled and monitored temperature tests) as well as being compatibleenvironment for postirradiation (PIE) with INL facilities able to assemblecharacterization and development of plutonium bearing samples into itslower-length-scale fundamental fission capsules. The specimens for the firstdamage models. The combination of CINDI irradiations were completedthe three capabilities described herein (including U-Zr, U-Pu-Zr, andis now being explored as a means of Pu-Zr metal fuel alloys). The CINDImeasuring irradiation-affected phase capability essentially transformsstability of metal fuel alloys inMARCH into a tube furnacefuture tests.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 207'