b'University Program Integration in SiC-based ATF Cladding AreaPrincipal Investigator: Yutai Katoh (ORNL)Team Members/ Collaborators: Christian Deck (General Atomics), Peng Xu (Westinghouse Electric Company)Alignment of multi- S ilicon carbide (SiC) compositequalification, and licensing along their technology presents bothspecific applications and approaches, discipline universitytremendous benefit andnational laboratory assist the industry research projects wasgreat development challenges aswith their unique capabilities and enabled by an intensethe accident-tolerant fuel (ATF)expertise and fill the technology gaps in workshop of principalcladding for light water reactorshigh risk areas. As the foundation of the investigators from(LWRs). Since the challenges spancollective R&D, the academia play the academia, nationalfrom science of the environmentalimportant roles including strengthening laboratories, andeffects and composite behaviors tothe underpinning sciences and training industries. qualification and licensing of thethe next generation of workforce. fuels with an unconventional class ofPresently there are about a dozen Nuclear material, cooperative efforts acrossEnergy University Program (NEUP) the academianational laboratoryprojects supporting the SiC ceramicindustry consortium are essentialand composite technologies for nuclear in order to strategically advanceenergy as a part of the Department of the technological readiness level ofEnergy (DOEs) Consolidated Innovative this technology. Toward the goal ofNuclear Research framework, including integrating these multi-thread researchthe seven projects that newly started in and development (R&D) activities,Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 with the specific coordination of the universityobjective of assisting the ATF cladding programs was actively facilitated bydevelopment. In addition to the NEUP creating a venue of interactions.projects, multiple university projects Project Description: are engaged through other funding SiC composite technology for nuclearmechanisms. Topics of these university energy systems has been developed overprojects include the multi-axial failure the last decades under the leadershipcriteria for composite cladding tubes, of national laboratories. With thedevelopment of seal/corrosion barrier recent rise of strong industry-ledcoatings, understanding the radiolysis-programs toward its applications toassisted hydrothermal corrosion, ATF cladding and core structures forradiation effects in SiC, and performance LWRs, while the industry R&D focus onmodeling for fuel systems with the SiC the short to mid-term efforts towardcomposite cladding.establishing manufacturing technologies, 42 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'