b'With the sheer amount of data found within the FeCrAl handbook, being able to quickly navigate to the data or figures is extremely useful in preparation for codes and/or documents for further support of FeCrAl related activities.Accomplishments: app was developed using a package in The data and figures were digitizedR called Shiny. This web app has the in two different manners. First, theyfigures, plotted data, and references were digitized via a Microsoft Excelseparated via tabs. It allows for the Document. Because of the amount ofplotted and raw data to be downloaded data and number of figures, a tableas a Comma Separated Value (CSV). It of contents was created within thealso has links to download high quality document to allow for swift navigationimages of the plots and the current between the raw data, plotted data, andversion of the handbook.associated figures. Additionally, a web 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 79'