b'Figure 2. Load-displacement curve from the RCT of uncoated Zircaloy-2 specimen oxidized at 1200C for 17% CP-ECR.samples at both 1000 and 1200C. ForFigure 2.The microstructure of the 17% ECR tests at 1200C, the weightsteam-oxidized coated and uncoated gains of coated samples are 50% (orcladding specimens was examined.lower) of uncoated samples, indicatingMetallographic mounts were prepared protection of the coated layer.and examined using optical microscopy Following oxidation and quench,to image the oxide, alpha, and prior-7-8 mm rings were cut from thebeta layers and their interfaces. oxidation cladding samples.RCTsHTO testing with coated and uncoated were performed at 135C at acoupons was started for temperatures displacement rate of 0.033 mm/min. at 800, 1000, and 1200C. As the The load-displacement curves wereheating rate and steam flow rate of the analyzed by the offset-displacementTGA are low, only limited TGA tests method. The test results show thatwere performed to select the times for both coated samples are much morethe HTO study. The oxygen pickup of ductile than uncoated samples. Thecoated coupons is much lower than load-displacement curve from the RCTuncoated coupons.of uncoated specimens oxidized at 1200C for 17% CP-ECR is shown in 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 77'