b'Figure 3. Metallography image taken from the center of the fuel stack, showing the different microstructure features alongthe fuel radius.development in many areas; this canaddition of this small amount of Ga be linked to a predominant presencecompared to the expected behavior of the orthorhombic U phase at theseof well-known U-19Pu-10Zr ternary radial positions, as observed in typicalmetal fuels. However, a more complete U-Pu-Zr ternary alloy. microstructure study, employing also Preliminary considerations on theelectron microscopy techniques, is data collected are that the behaviorneeded to characterize the behavior of the fuel pin at this low burnupof Ga within the fuel matrix. This is looks not drastically affected by theplanned for next year.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 219'