b'2.1 ACCIDENT TOLERANT FUELSATF Industry Advisory CommitteeCommittee Chair:Bill Gassmann, ExelonCollaborators:Steven Hayes, Ed Mai, Kate Richardson (INL) T he Advanced LWR Industrysupply systems, owners/operatorsCommission (NRC) on issues related Advisory Committee (IAC)of U.S. nuclear power plants, fuelto activities supporting the eventual was established in 2012 tovendors, Electric Power Researchlicensing of accident tolerant fuels advise the Advanced Fuel CampaignInstitute (EPRI), and Nuclear Energyand the ramifications of the Halden (AFC) National Technical DirectorInstitute (NEI). Members are selectedReactor shutdown.on the direction, development, andon the basis of their technicalThe IAC meets monthly via execution of the campaigns activi- knowledge of nuclear plant and fuelteleconference and is currently chaired ties related to accident tolerant fuelsperformance issues as well as theirby William Gassmann of Exelon for commercial light water reactors.decision-making authority in theirCorporation. Additional members The IAC is comprised of recognizedrespective companies. During therepresent Westinghouse Electric leaders from the commercial lightpast year the committee providedCompany, Global Nuclear Fuels, water reactor industry. They representimportant industry perspectivesAREVA, Dominion, Duke Energy, the major suppliers of nuclear steamrelative to the campaigns interac- Southern Nuclear, EPRI, and NEI.tions with the Nuclear Regulatory 30 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'