b'Figure 3. Layered elemental map of CrN coating on SiC with Ti nano-interlayer imaged by energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy.is a solution to mitigate debondingCurrently, the first-generation and cracking of the coating due tocoatings neutron-irradiated under irradiation-induced stresses. Basedan LWR coolant environment are on the findings of this research, abeing investigated. The results of this second-generation coating for SiCresearch with neutron irradiation composite cladding was designed tounder an inert gas environment modify the coating microstructurewill be useful in understanding (e.g., grain size and texture) forthe synergetic effects of neutron better ductility and to introduce anirradiation and hydrothermal improved ductile interlayer at thecorrosion, which is a critical research coating/substrate interface.topic for realizing SiC-based fuel cladding for LWRs.2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 89'